Analysis of Production Chain

Industrial Ecology is an interdisciplinary field that conceives industrial systems in a way that is integrated into the environment, establishing a relationship of interdependence similar to those identified in natural ecosystems. One of the tools used to operationalize this approach is that of an Industrial Symbiosis, which seeks to map out the possibilities of exchanges of matter and energy (by-products, residues) between companies that share the same geographic area, aiming at cost savings and environmental benefits for all involved.

In turn, value chain analysis requires the mapping and minimization of environmental impacts, together with the adoption of good management practices based on principles of sustainability and corporate governance, throughout the lifecycle of products and services. This proposal aims at creating, protecting and maximizing the long-term environmental, social and economic value for all stakeholders involved in production chains.

Upon integrating the principles of UN´s Global Pact in the relationships of their productive chains, companies can promote corporate social responsibility and achieve greater ambitious goals in the field of sustainability.

Draxos develops, implements and monitors customized projects for the managing of production chains, aiming at continuously improving their client’s environmental and economic performance -who in turn then start acting, not only with their own interests in mind, but according to the interests of all stakeholders and society as a whole.

At an even deeper sustainable chain production management level, Draxos considers the possibilities of implementing an Industrial Symbiosis system, mapping and relating product, byproducts and businesses waste exchange networks-which significantly reduces the environmental footprint in industrial areas. The development of Industrial Symbiosis networks in many parts of the world, demonstrate the benefits attached to them.