Founded in May 2010 headquartered in Barra da Tijuca (Rio de Janeiro - Brazil) and with a branch office in Macaé-RJ inaugurated in 2015, Draxos operates in the field of Compliance (environmental legal requirements) and Sustainable Strategic Management, mapping risks and business opportunities to deliver sustainable solutions for environmental site management and stakeholder’s engagement.

In recent years, Draxos has assisted renowned clients toward environmental licensing, conflict mediation and community relationship, development and implementation of environmental education, compulsory environmental audits and due diligence, development of socioeconomic indicators, GHG emissions inventories, gas and environmental noise measurements, among other services for both offshore (drilling and production) and onshore (power transmission, pipeline, mining, steel, telecommunications, pharmaceutics, chemistry industries, port terminal).

Mission: Develop customized, efficient and sustainable solutions that contribute to the continuity of our clients' activities, and render benefits to all stakeholders.

Vision: To be a corporate model in the sustainability sector, acknowledged as being on the technological and methodological forefront, surpassing customers' needs and leveraging changes in the value chains.


Catarina Peixoto - Operations Director

Catarina has a Licentiate and a Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences, from Santa Ursula University, a Master in Environmental Engineering from UERJ, and supplemented her education with Specializations in Environment from COPPE / UFRJ and Sustainable Value Chains from the University of Cambridge - UK.

She has extensive experience in environmental licensing, specifically in the development and implementation of Environmental Programs and Project. She operates mainly in the development of participatory methodologies and educational strategies aimed at engaging Stakeholders, utilizing the tools of Critical and Emancipatory Environmental Education with groups inside organizations and communities that are able to influence developments. She is also the auditor, leader in EMS and the consultant for Integrated Management Systems (Environment, Health and Safety).

Her professional experience includes participation as a post-graduate teacher, coordinator, environmental educator, social communicator and in company instructor of courses for different consultancies, providing services to operating and service provider companies in the field of E & P, power transmission, construction engineering, pipeline operation, aluminum, production, port terminal, mining, pharmaceutical, chemical, steel and telecommunications.

Marcio Cataldo - Managing Director

Advisor of the Business Council for the Environment and Sustainability of the Commercial Association of Rio de Janeiro, Marcio has a Bachelor Degree in Biological Sciences from the State University of Rio de Janeiro, with specialization in Environment from COPPE / UFRJ; a Master and Ph.D. in Nuclear Biosciences from UERJ and an additional internship held at the University of Antwerpen.

He has over ten years of experience participating and managing large scientific expedition projects, including forest reserves, national marine parks and scientific campaigns to the peninsula and the Antarctic continent.

He also acts as a researcher linked to the National Institute of S&T of Cryosphere (CNPq) in the field of Climate Change for the Radioecology and Global Change Laboratory at UERJ, where he taught at the Biophysics and Biometry Department for four years. He has also collaborated with institutions in Europe (Universiteit Antwerpen) and in the United States (Desert Research Institute and the Climate Change Institute) where he performs laboratory practices and develops scientific articles.

He is a lecturer on climate change and sustainable development, and also a leading auditor of the ISO 14001 norm, in addition to possessing experience as a PEAT consultant, having provided training courses for Offshore companies.


• Commitment and Creativity

We are driven to unite creative power to praxis, with the objective of establishing new paradigms and offering solutions that greatly surpass legal requirements.

• Quality and Ethics

Our thoughts, methodologies and practices are guided by our desire to truly understand our clients, not only by addressing their needs, but above all through the observation of the subtleties perceived in their operational routines and the peculiarities regarding their cultural organization. With the utmost respect to the nuances that make every single client unique in their area of ??expertise and being consistent with our code of ethics, we are driven to create customized solutions that are adequate to individual scope, size, nature, management policies and goals.

Our Anti-Corruption Policy ensures integrity at all levels of our organization.

• Expertise and Proactivity

Making our profession a differentiator in our lives, we allow the experience that we gained throughout the years dedicated to consulting and academic research, to interleave in appropriate proportions with doses of leadership, autonomy, audacity, trust, and openness to innovation. We seek to distinguish ourselves through our ability of foreseeing the needs of our customers as well as the market changes.


The name Draxos derives from the Greek word drasi, which means action. We sought inspiration in the language spoken by the great educators Plato and Aristotle, scholars of phenomena of nature and human science, and founders of the Akademia and the Lyceum institutions where the main goal was knowledge exchange It is in this sense that Draxos guides its action, believing that the exchange of knowledge that leads to reflection, is the main propellant towards changing man´s behavior in relation to the environment they live in.


Company Name: Draxos Consulting and Environmental Management Ltda.

CNPJ: 11.919.839 / 0001-44

Municipal Registration: 0474218-4

State Registration: exempt

IBAMA Registration (CTF): 5175017




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