Inventory of Greenhouse Gas Emission

The greenhouse gas emission inventory or simply the GHG inventory refers to a document in which a company's greenhouse gas emission activities are reported.

The completion of the inventory is a company's first step in acknowledging how their activities may impact the environment in relation to climate change. Beyond understanding their impacts, a public company may also publish its emissions in the Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2) of BM&F BOVESPA. This index was created as an attempt to encourage companies to adopt a transparency posture for investors and other stakeholders. Thus, the preparation of an annual report (or GHG inventory), apart from being an environmentally friendly practice, is increasingly becoming a market demand.

Still with regards to the study on GHG emission, Draxos provides its customers:

• The development of action plans to reduce GHG emissions

• Assistance in the publication of the Inventory in the Public Registry of Emissions

• Assistance for participating in the CDP platform

• Assistance for participating in the EPC Platform