Draxos staff has accumulated experience in all stages of the Environmental Licensing process. Having participated from the stage of elaboration of environmental studies, through the preparation, routing and follow-up of processes with the competent bodies, to the development and implementation of Environmental Projects in compliance with the licensing conditions.
Draxos guides and provides all necessary support for obtaining licenses, complying with applicable legal requirements and preparing and producing technical reports for submission to the environmental agency.
Our team has the expertise to implement environmental control measures or educational actions - in accordance with the Projects described and approved, as well as terms of reference and technical opinions issued by the competent environmental agency - required to meet the licensing constraints.
  • Diagnostic Gap Analysis
  • Mapping and Description of Processes
  • Descriptive Memorandum of Design and Environmental Control Measures
  • Identification and Survey of Environmental Aspects / Impacts and Hazards / Hazards SSO
  • Elaboration of Waste Management Plan - PGRS
  • Elaboration of Risk Analysis
  • Reports and Technical Opinions
  • Implementation of Environmental Programs